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Full Name: Winnie Cheung
JZ Centre Stage – Piano Coach

– Licentiate Diploma in Recital in Solo Piano (LTCL), Trinity College of London
– Postgraduate diploma in Education, Hong Kong Institute of Education
– Associate Diploma in Solo Piano (ATCL), Trinity college of London
– Bachelor of Arts in Music, with Honours, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Career Highlights:
– Instrumental and vocal accompaniment, aural training for ABRSM exam, AMEB Exam, Viva Voce section for ABRSM Diploma exam
– Graduate mistress in teaching Music and English, choir conductor and accompanist in elite schools

I like piano because it is extraordinary with several aspects that makes it special. It is a polyphonic instrument as it can produce multiple sounds at the same time. It can affect people of all musical tastes as it is the most versatile instrument which requires a great deal of coordination between the hands, mind, and feet. It has the most substantial repertoire among all percussion instruments. It includes solo works for example, Bach’s prelude and fugue to instrumental works like piano duets and two pianos to orchestral works like piano concerto by Rachmaninov. I can teach harmony to students by playing harmony on the piano or keyboard and which forms the basic structure of music.

What is your teaching philosophy? How do you make piano fun?

I always try to tailor my teaching curriculum to suit the individual needs of my students. Setting short term and long term goals to develop each student’s practice discipline and patience. Inspire students to be use more imagination when listening to music. Mixing music appreciation and techniques to extract the maximum value out of each composition!

Are piano lessons necessary? Do piano lessons help? Are piano lessons worth it? Do pianos work? Are pianos important? Why take piano lessons?

Taking piano class is necessary as it develops one’s discipline, patience, hand eye coordination, fingers manipulation, intelligence. and skills that can bring happiness to both the performer and audiences. A person who knows how to play piano has a huge advantage in learning and taking up another instrument more easily as he already has strong finger manipulation abilities and good sight-reading skills while learning piano.
What age should piano lessons start? How old should you start piano lessons? Can adults take piano lessons? When to start music lessons for babies?

Children around age 4 to 5 can start learning piano on their own timetable. There would be the understanding of the pattern of the keyboard of both black and white keys, the learning of rhythmic notations, note values and a lot of clapping exercise and some singing activities during classes. Adults actually will be able to learn at a pace similar to kids. However, they have to deal with the more finger awkwardness and the stiffness of their wrists and arms when playing on the keyboard. This can be overcome with more practise and the efforts one put into practising.

Why should I take piano lessons at JZ Centre Stage? Do online piano lessons work? Do online music lessons work? Can you take piano lessons online? Should I take piano lessons or teach myself?
Online piano lessons actually is a good way to start off when you are age above 8 or 9. and adult beginners as well.one is able to understand the concept of rhythm, notes, scales and a good idea of what a keyboard or piano is by having online piano lessons. However, one disadvantage of having online piano class is when a student is at his or her intermediate level or at a higher, diploma level, learning and playing a more challenging piece would require a lot of gestures, body and arm movements. It is not easy to demonstrate to a student on how much strength he needs for the piece when he is not present during class.

How many piano lessons do I need before I can play a song?
The number of classes to attend to learning a piece depends on how difficult and how challenging the piece is. Playing simple folk melodies like Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars or London Bridge is Falling Down just takes One class only. My only flashback is I remembered it took me 6 hours just to stay in the music practise room in university practising the very first page of Bach’s prelude and fugue in f sharp major and that is a piece at Licentiate diploma level.

As well as piano lessons, we also teach drums, guitar, keyboard, vocal, pipa, guzheng, and other private lessons.

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