Music Therapy – Erin Li

Full Name: Erin Huiyun Li
Registered Music Therapist (RMT)
– Mater of Music Therapy, The University of Melbourne
– Master of Public Health (Public Health Practice), The University of Hong Kong
– Applied Psychology, Bachelor of Science, Southern Medical University
– Healthcare Administration, Bachelor of Management, Southern Medical University
Career Highlights:
– Registered Music Therapist, Calvary HealthCare Bethlehem
Field: Adult in Palliative Care and Age Care
– Registered Music Therapist, Able Australia
Field: Children and Adult with Multiple Disabilities
– Registered Music Therapist, Private Practice
Field: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
– Public Health Research Assistant I, The University of Hong Kong School of Public Health
– Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital
– Royal Children’s Hospital

Why do I love music and music therapy.
I like music therapy because it combines both of my interests in music and psychology. I knew that I love music from a very young age. Before I know music therapy as a profession, I’ve been fascinated by how music affects people and their well being.
Over my study and career, I often experience those ‘sparling moments’ when your clients gain positive elements from the music therapy session. They share their story, memory and feeling with you, good tears and bad ones. They gain power and confidence through the power of music, challenging themselves to be who they are without judgment. They celebrate their lives and achievements through music, conquering those tough moments and self suspicious. Those ‘sparkling moments’ bring me thrills and tears, which grounds me as a registered music therapy (RMT). Although the scenario can change from case to case, I have never changed my determination of being a music therapist, to promote people’s health and wellbeing with the magic of the music.
Music itself is an entertainment, while music therapy is more than just entertainment. Guiding by a humanistic philosophy as a therapist, I see myself as a role of facilitator. I believe every clients’ nature and musicality. I cultivate clients’ inner power and their ability to grow. I discover client’s strengths and nurture them to conquer the hard time.