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Leading Teacher名师介绍

Sherry Peng 彭夏

Learning from Zhao Manqing and Wang Jian


China Conservatory of Music – Advance Level Music teacher of Social Education of guzheng.


Member of Henan National Orchestra Society



A beautiful traditional Chinese instrument

Guzheng is a Chinese plucked string instrument with 21 strings, also known as the Chinese zither. It is a Chinese traditional instrument with more than 2,500 years of history. Guzheng has a very sophisticated character – gentle but powerful, expressive but introverted. In Chinese classical music, guzheng were often used to represent things as grand as mountain, also as delicate as streamlet. Guzheng players are always elegant and peaceful, like they just walked out from one of the Chinese paintings. The way to play and demonstrate guzheng music is connected very closely to Chinese philosophies. You must have a peaceful mind state to fully deliver the guzheng music, or vice versa, playing guzheng to develop a peaceful mind state. I love guzheng because of its tonality, every note connects closely and directly to the soul.

No matter children or adults, having ‘interest’ is always the NO.1 thing when comes to learning an instrument. A guzheng class should be full of joy. It is always good to give the students a brief idea of what guzheng is about – its history, character, tonality etc. Once the students have a general understanding of guzheng, then it is time to dip into the techniques. It is also extremely important for the students to know why they have chosen guzheng as their instrument. A note can sound completely different on guzheng if using different playing techniques. The teachers should always show the students the potential of guzheng and what guzheng is able to achieve on a music level. Combining students’ interests with the teaching curriculums and designing the curriculums accordingly will certainly boost the learning outcomes, and to give the student a memorable learning experience every time they go to a lesson.

As well as guzheng lessons, we also teach drums, piano, guitar, keyboard, vocal, pipa, and other private lessons.

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Guzheng Lessons in Docklands

Full Name: Joanna Zhong (Founder JZ Centre Stage)
JZ Centre Stage – Guzheng Coach

Why do you love Guzheng? Your belief and teaching philosophy? Why do you love music?

To find the true beauty in music, you must be willing to seek and go beyond the melodies and lyrics. Your curiosity will allow you to visualise and make emotional connection with the story behind the music. This forms the foundation of what Shine Music Studio by JZ Centre Stage was built on – that music can break down all barriers found in culture, race, gender, social status and beliefs ultimately connecting more people promoting that there is only one race on this planet – the human race. Let your music speak!

课程 courses

Ten-class Introductory Guzheng Course 十节课古筝入门班

A five-week quick start course, to help students without prior experiences know about Guzheng and basic fingering, and to develop the interest in Guzheng. Students are able to play a song expertly after the course.


Classical Course古典筝乐班

Traditional music is the core of classical lesson. In the early stage, students are going to learn the traditional repertoire of the eight local genres of guzheng until they can grab the soul of using the left hand to master rhythm and the right hand to control voice. Thenthey would learn the famous adaptation of modern music by left hand. Courses are set for one-on-one or group lessonsvary from 2 to 3 person for Regular monthly

古典筝乐班着重于教授古筝传统乐曲。前期 通过学习古筝八大地方流派的传统曲目,熟 练运用左手主韵,右手主声的演奏方式 。后期加入左手演奏训练,学习近代著名的 改编筝曲。

Contemporary course 现代筝乐班

The lesson emphasizes on the art of zither and pop music research, the integration and development of western music. At firststudents would learn and compare classic music and adaption of contemporary music to Understand the use of zither art in different music. In the later period, students need to use the staff to perform fast hand-pointing training by both hands and try to cooperate with Western instruments. Courses are set for one-on-one or group lessonsvary from 2 to 3 person for Regular monthly


Music Theory乐理课程

we have professional music theory counseling for students, including introductory and examination lesson.


Ensemble 室内乐团

Students over three months training have the opportunity to join in ensemble to participate in theme music salon or large-scale performance.

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