Singing and Vocal FAQs

Submitted By Alyson Murray

What do you like about singing?

Singing is universal, it is such an individual instrument, unique to YOU! I enjoy being able to express myself through music and connecting to an audience. I’ve benefitted from breathing techniques in day to day life, meditation, calming nerves and strengthening lung capacity. Singing is a rewarding personal journey and also a great way form a sense of community through choirs and ensembles.


How to teach singing? How to make singing fun?

Singing teaching is an exciting process for beginners, you learn how to create sounds, shape your tone and explore the power of your voice. You get to help shape the lesson, we work together to create music that you enjoy and then I help you learn how to sing to your full potential.


Why take singing lessons?

If you have a love for music, enjoy singing along to your favourite songs, want to build confidence to perform or public speaking, if you want to learn vocal techniques, how to use your voice efficiently and how to breathe effectively… Then you should learn how to sing!


What age should singing lessons start?

singing lessons are fantastic for anyone, it is an opportunity to express yourself! anyone from 3 years old and over will benefit from vocal techniques, breathing techniques and the enjoyment of singing.


Why should I take singing lessons at JZ Centre Stage?

The community at JZ Centre Stage is a beautiful and creative hub for learning at any age. It is an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere with top class teachers. Let JZ Centre Stage be the start or continuation of your musical journey and we will work with you to reach your full potential!


How many singing lessons do I need before I can play a song?

You will learn a song in your first two lessons then we will work on making it sound polished using vocal techniques and expression.