Erhu Lessons FAQs

Submitted By Calvin Zheng

What do you like about Erhu? ( Character, colour, tonality, history)

It’s not an overstatement that almost everybody that has heard the sound of this instrument is immediately drawn to its unique tonality. Audiences are fascinated by the tone which in a way resembles a human voice. Furthermore, Erhu can imitate many natural sounds such as birds and horses. Erhu is a very expressive instrument able to project melancholy tunes and joyful melodies.


Are Erhu lessons necessary? Do Erhu lessons help? Are Erhu lessons worth it? Do Erhu work? Are Erhu important? why take Erhu lessons?

Yes, learning a string instrument like Erhu from a professional player is crucial. Many self-taught enthusiasts usually find that they quickly reach a technical ceiling, from which they could hardly improve their playing further. It is due to the fact that without professional instructions in their study of Erhu, the accumulated incorrect technical methods and bad habits hinder their progress. Then it is a cumbersome and time-consuming process to rectify these imperfections.


What age should Erhu lessons start? How old should you start Erhu lessons? Can adults take Erhu lessons?

Just like many other instruments, the preferred beginner’s age of learning is around 5 – 7 years old as there are physical advantage and potential of developing a professional career path if desired. However, on other hand the age has never been an issue if the purpose is to appreciate the craft of playing Erhu and simply enjoying music.


Why should I take Erhu lessons at JZ Centre Stage? Do online Erhu lessons work?? Can you take Erhu lessons online? Should i take Erhu lessons or teach myself?

JZ Centre Stage is a place that promotes the collaboration of eastern and western music and continue to challenge artists to push musical boundaries to experiment with different genre of music. JZ Centre Stage’s teaching philosophy blends both technical skills and also encourages creativity at the same time to ensure the music lessons are never boring.